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Cheap Romantic Gifts For Your New Boyfriend

It is often noticed that when a man tries to gift a woman something, he is often spoilt for choices. Therefore if “he” gets her a gift that has no “wow” factor then it is mostly because of the sea of options he had, however if “she” fails to get him a good gift then well it’s because of the lack of options.

When it comes to getting their new boyfriend a gift, most girls don’t mind going all out and buying them the best (mostly branded) of the limited things available for them. However what when you need to gift him something romantic and its that time of the month when you are broke?

Don’t be sorry girls, here are some awesome gifts that are romantic, and go very easy on the pocket:


I know that you often think that this means “cheap” stuff. However it is a fact that handmade gifts take time and effort to make therefore it is both romantic and easy on the pocket

1) handmade cards 2)handmade posters (that have funny pictures on it) 3)handmade photo memory scrap books

VIDEO DAIRY: These little fellows work wonders, If you both have common friends or if you take the pain of finding contacts of his old friends then it is the best gift for a guy. Just a downloaded software that allows you to make videos (eg windows movie maker), some old yet touching photos of friends and family and videos that you can get his friends to record and send you (probably on WhatsApp that you can then download into the computer that you will be using) and you should be set.

CUSTOMISED TEE-SHIRTS: Get a message printed on a plain old white tee-shirt (try yo make it quirky… instead to cheesy )- For example “CAUSE YOU ARE A NUT CASE” or ” AS YOU TURN 21..”. once this is done get a nice marker pen and get his closest buddies to sign off with a message. If you want it to be more lovey dovey and about the two of you then the quote can change and you can write 20 reasons why you love him instead of the sign off from friends. For the girls in Kolkata, the best option to get this done is in Maidan market (located near new market). Girls from else where can use online sites instead..remember to just Google it.

GIFT HAMPER: We sure love them, but don’t we all notice the little things that they need yet ignore? Go on a shopping spree for small things like an aftershave, socks,a tie etc and make a little hamper with a touching note. Remember to make the note cute so that they don’t feel offended. Example of one such note ” little things I do for you.. cause of the little joys you give me”.

CLAIM IT COUPON: Its fun and very spontaneous. Here is what you do get a few coloured papers and cut them into small squares. Once that is done scribble in some fun stuff like 1) a kiss right here right now 2) lap dance 3)play king for a day etc. He gets to claim this when he wants over a period of time that you set the validity for.