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Coconut – In Your Hotel Amenities

Often Florida is associated with the palm tree, and when someone envisions a palm tree, it is usually a coconut palm tree they are thinking of. The vision of the palm tree elicits a relaxing feel as the tropics are often associated with vacation and enjoyment. However, the coconut is not just a symbol of summer vacation – it is a delicious plant that has many unique and exciting uses.

The coconut palm is grown throughout the tropics and needs a nice warm weather climate to grow. In such areas the trees are abundant as they can be used both for decoration and for their fruit. The fruit of the coconut palm, the coconut itself has a very hard exterior and needs to be removed to get to the edible center. There is also drinkable coconut water found inside the coconut.

Each coconut tree can produce quite a few coconuts each year to be used for many different reasons. In the culinary world, coconuts can be used for their meat itself, or be used as a flavoring for many dishes. The coconut can be used to make a delicious milk that is used in many dishes.