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Confessions Of A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative!

Gwen Olsen a former sales representative for a number of pharmaceutical companies confessed her 15 year involvement in the drug industry. With some eye-opening inside information she revealed how drugs were ‘pushed on’ customers and how it greatly affected their health and well-being.

Now a health activist, author and speaker, Gwen devotes her time to exposing big pharma’s dark side linked to dangerous prescription drugs and medical mistakes bolstered by greed and conflicting interests. For safety and welfare concern everyone needs to check out her story.

Her suspicions that things weren’t right started when many years ago as a rep she wasn’t getting satisfactory answers to her critically intelligent questions from big pharma. After doing her own due diligence she discovered things she should have been told.

In the early days, believing in the hype related to big pharma’s marketing and the claims made related to the drugs, she was keen to achieve record sales. She would know the buying habits of certain doctors, what category of drugs to best approach them with, what sort of volumes to expect in orders, whether or not they bought from competitors and whether or not they were easy to convince selling a new product or sceptical…

One time, she approached a doctor who frequently prescribed to geriatrics which for Gwen meant potentially high sales. However, the doctor was described as a ‘late adopter sceptic’ and had a rule that he would not use new drugs until good evidence was available for their efficacy and that they were free of side effects, which could take a year.

So, Gwen made what she described as her ‘final closing plea’ a term used to describe the last ditch attempt to persuade the sceptic doctor by suggesting that he tries the drug on his worst patient, that is, someone who’s not finding other drugs effective. Marketing had told her that this sometimes works…

Some moths later Gwen gets a call from her area manager, requesting that she makes a report on adverse reactions caused by the drug that has produced painful side effects and kidney failure and other problems. The doctor who she has to make the report out to is the mentioned ‘late adopter sceptic.’

She described the day walking into the doctor’s office and first seeing the secretary who said “Oh God, I can’t believe you had the nerve to step foot into this office again… ” The secretary made the accusation that Gwen had killed the doctor’s mother. The new drug she had sold was used on the doctor’s worst patient which turned out to be his 90-something year old mother!

The mother died of dialysis complications due to renal failure, as mentioned, one of the side effects of the new drug she sold.

This tragic circumstance gave Gwen a profound realization that matters related to life and death were in her hands through the sales job, influencing doctors’ buying and prescribing drug habits. From that point on she chose to maintain her integrity by making sure that the drugs she sold were safe… and did not give misleading information.

However, she soon learned that for Americans prescription drugs are one of the biggest killers. Some 180,000 Americans have died each year through legal prescribed drugs. Doctors can receive significant bonuses for prescribing drugs that will later cause much harm or even death; one of the many examples of oversight due to moneyed interests in the industry…

-Gwen is now a tireless campaigner exposing the truth in matters related to this, how pharmaceutical companies get away with it. Her information ought to server as wake up call to all of us.


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