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Dermabond: The New Solution For Sutures

Dermabond is an adhesive that is made from cyanoacrylate tissue. It is used as a replacement for sutures in persons who are injured. The adhesive can be used in cases where the diameter of the wound is smaller than 5-0.

This adhesive has been made to stand up to most of the traditional methods of injury repair. The material is water resistant and flexible. It also peels off on its own after a period of around ten days, eliminating any need for physical removal of the adhesive, like in the care of suture removal. It is very easy to use as long as the wound has been properly cleaned and prepared for the process. Dermabond has been labeled by the FDA and it is also declared to be safe to use on children. As expected, it has been met with a largely positive response since patients prefer being ‘glued’ to having sutures or other traditional forms of repair.

What exactly is Dermabond?

Dermabond is made from 2-octylcyanoacrylate which is the latest in cyanoacrylate technology. Cyanoacrylate tissue is a liquid which is made from a combination of formaldehyde and cynoacetate. This polymer acts as an adhesive on the skin’s surface and binds the wound edges together, allowing the body to heal. Special plasticizers have been added to the different forms of cyanoacrylate in order to make this material.

Dermabond Uses

This material can be used instead of sutures if the wound is 5-0 or smaller than that in diameter. Use of this adhesive is completely up to the physician in charge since he will decide as to whether it will be effective for the injury or not since some extreme injuries respond much better to sutures.

Dermabond can be used on certain parts of the face, the torso and some extremities. In some cases like the joints, a splint may be used in order to prevent mobility of the area so that the adhesive will not peel off. It can also be used for scalp wounds but it is necessary to take extra precaution that the adhesive does not get on the hair. However, it should not be used for puncture wounds, animal bites, areas that have a high moisture content and whenever directed by the physician.

Precautionary Measures

The Dermabond adhesive usually peels off on its own after a period of ten days. During this time, it is important to take care of the adhesive. It is water resistant so you will not need any other bandages to protect it. Ideally, a person should lightly pat it dry after having a bath. Try to keep the area dry and avoid letting any water get on the adhesive. You should also remember not to put any other antibiotics or creams on top of the adhesive since they can cause early peeling. Children should avoid having baths during this time because the water can cause the skin to peel. If the child tries to pick at the adhesive, you can put a bandage around that area to protect it.


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