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Divorce Lawyers Expose Cheating Spouses

When a marriage ends due to cheating, faithful spouses are usually blindsided by more than the unfaithful betrayal. Cheating spouses often take measures to prepare for their future, including extensive financial planning that could leave faithful spouses without a strong financial future. There are various ways to do this. Some cheating spouses put a portion of their paychecks into a secret bank account. Some drain a shared bank account. In these situations, the faithful spouse is blindsided not only by a betrayal of the heart but also by greed. Despite the precarious situation, the pain and embarrassment of having one’s personal life turned into a tabloid headline often ends the marriage quickly with a rushed settlement.

Rushing into a settlement without receiving guidance from divorce lawyers can result in an unfair resolution for the injured party. Wronged spouses must start thinking rationally rather than emotionally. A broken heart makes too many careless mistakes. It’s time to start thinking with the brain and seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

No-Fault or Fault

Divorce lawyers advise clients on the best way to file for divorce; either no-fault or fault. Both benefit from professional input.

A no-fault divorce means that the marriage is legally recognized as ending due to irreconcilable differences, rather than the fault of a spouse. However, the no-fault option can be used when cheating occurs. Many couples prefer the privacy of a no-fault divorce. There is no public disclosure of the intimate details surrounding the split. If the couple has young children, no-fault also helps prevent those young children from learning the dirty details of their parents’ split.

Filing a fault divorce can help strengthen the case of an injured spouse, who is referred to as the plaintiff. Adultery can result in the cheating spouse having to reveal secret money and assets. It can also mean the cheating spouse, or defendant, loses certain parental rights such as full custody. However, a court won’t accept accusations without proof.

Gathering Proof

It’s all about exposure. That’s why divorce lawyers command a strong legal team that helps their clients get the best settlement possible via undeniable proof.

One important member of the legal team is the private investigator. A private investigator knows how to track down hidden stashes of cash and assets that cheating spouses try to hide. A private investigator also knows how to get people to talk on the record about the duration of extramarital affairs.

Attorneys know how to collect and present hard evidence in the best possible legal light. Courts do not like deceitful parties so once deceit is proven, they take a dim view of abusive financial maneuverings designed to keep money from deserving spouses. The more hard evidence a plaintiff’s attorney presents, the more likely the court is to rule against a defendant.