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Dog Treats – The Best Time To Treat Them

Pet treats are of great importance. They can be a great asset, when given at the right time. If you find it difficult that your pooch is not following or listening you even after a treat, then there is something wrong with your timing or reason. To help you practice the right time to give it to your pet, here are some guidelines that can solve all of your confusion and aid you in administering the treat easily with all positive results.

When To Give Treats To Your Dogs

Giving treats in between the meals is ideal. Remember never include treats along with dog food. Try to find the liking and taste of your pooch and select a treat that your dog will enjoy. It is also quite helpful when you are training your dog. Also, your treat will not work as an encouraging tool, if you are likely to give it right after the meals. Therefore, ensure to give the treat only in between the meals and not immediately before or after the meals.

One of the best techniques to give treat is to hold it into your hand between the first two fingers and thumb. Then, let your dog sniff through it to find that it is there. The golden role here is: first nose, then mouth and ears! Starting with a dog’s nose, is highly rewarding as you are appealing to the most important part of her brain.

Furthermore, as your dog is sniffing and getting interested, slowly lift the treat above nose height and move it gradually over her head and slightly back towards her shoulders. The aim is to make your dog sit on the butts, to lower the shoulders back and lift her head up.

Lift the treat slowly and easily so that your dog’s nose follows it in your hand. When your dog jumps at your hand, take it away. Second time, have the treat hand closer to her head. The moment she begins to follow the treat with her nose and eyes along with putting her butt to the floor, say – “sit”, calmly and slowly and give her the treat. Say softly as not to disturb your pooch. Also remember, not to overexcite your furry pal as he may lose the lesson in all the chaos.

Well, dog treats are to show the feeling of affection. Given abruptly will not churn out to bring in the desired results. Treats need to be given at the right time for the right reason. If you are not sticking to the rules or consistent when you give a treat to your furry pal, you may just end up confusing your pooch greatly. Ensure to give treat as a reward for a good behavior or for showing affection after a good deed.

It’s essential to treat your pet at the time and on the right occasion as this will boost positive behavior in your furry pal.