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Finding an English As a Second Language School

If you know you need to improve your English in order to gain admission to an English speaking university, or if you want to improve your knowledge as part of your long-term educational goals, finding a good English as a Second Language school is important. Auckland, New Zealand is an ideal place for students to live and learn the English language as it is a city big enough to have everything you need yet has many beautiful beaches and outdoor areas, to enjoy over the weekend. Choose a
school that only teaches non-native students because you know they have experience helping people just like you, time and time again. the material. If you want to choose a language course that will allow you to develop the level of English you want while still having the opportunity to live in New Zealand’s largest city, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Is it NZQA approved? The New Zealand Qualifications Authority is the New Zealand government standard. A school that has this is verified and audited by NZQA and the standards are regularly reviewed. It’s also good to check if the educational institution you’re looking at is part of a larger network around the world. This can provide a safer place to study.

What kind of training do the teachers have? It is good to check if the school employs teachers who are specifically trained to teach non-native speakers. Teachers must be fully certified, especially when offering some of the more advanced courses for university entrance exams. .Since Auckland is a popular place for international students, there are a variety of courses people can take to learn the language. It’s good to check that the person teaching you is qualified.

What is the focus of schools? Some classically trained teachers focus on reading and writing and avoid speaking and listening. Pick a school that you think is most important to have a balance between all these aspects in your ESL school. Auckland, New Zealand also offers many opportunities to ‘try out’ the lessons you learn in everyday life as you travel by bus, shop and enjoy the lifestyle for which the country is famous. Do you help prepare for IELTS or Cambridge?

For many students, this is often the biggest concern. Your classes need to be structured in a specific way to help you prepare for these tests, and educators need to ensure all criteria are covered in their classes. These exams require a specific course to help you pass. Auckland, New Zealand is a fabulous place to experience a little of the great Kiwi lifestyle while still achieving your goals. Choose a good English as a second language school and make Auckland, New Zealand your home.