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Fitness Beginners 101: How to Stay Motivated

Not all bodies are made equal (metabolism wise)

First and foremost, you need to understand that each body is unique with its own fat burning speed. We all probably have that one friend who just started eating well and working out, and are already a size down… Good for them, but a really BAD reference point for you! Not every body functions this way and actually very few of them do. What is more, you can’t eat all sorts of junk food for 5 years and expect to revert the process in 5 days,it’s just not how it works. So how do we overcome this feeling of disappointment? Simple… the only fitness competition you have is yourself! That gorgeous girl in the gym corner with the Brazilian booty or that huge guy with the six pack may well have been there for years and years, so forget about them and focus on the most important person in the world – yourself!

Progress really is made in a couple of weeks. You’re just looking at the wrong places

So if you’ve started working out 2 weeks ago and feel like you haven’t made any progress, I’m here to tell you; you absolutely have, you just don’t know it YET! Obviously the visibility of your results is the most powerful motivation, but certainly not the first to come. So here’s a couple of tips on other ways to track progress and stay motivated: Did you know that our weight actually changes throughout the day depending on your food and water intake? Yes, you can’t expect to drink 2 litres of water or eat a massive bowl of veggies and not see it reflected on the scales. Our real body weight is actually best captured when we get up in the morning on an empty stomach, after going to the toilet. So if you do love your scales, weigh yourself then. But still I’d suggest getting a measuring tape, especially with these electronic scales’ inaccuracy.

This is probably the best way to go about your progress. As we said not all bodies will show visible results as quickly as we wish, however, they are actually changing below the surface. Every single workout gets you one step closer to your goal and you should start capturing that. My very basic FIT test logger for you to easily capture your results and compare every two weeks is available below! I promise you’d be surprised by how much progress you actually make!

When I was just starting out this seriously brought me down. Even if you do have visible results, if you look at yourself every day you wouldn’t notice them. The wiser thing to do is take pictures once a month and compare on a month-to-month basis, not daily.If you’re too eager, though, you can always do a fit test instead and remember, every rep counts as progress!