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Five Activities to Help You Escape From Life

Everyone needs a break at times. The hustle and bustle of being a mother or father combined with work and constantly needing to be somewhere can take its toll on both the body and mind. When the mind does not get a break, it results in mental illness. When the body does not get a break, it gets worn down, the immune system grows weak and diseases like cancer start to develop.

Instead of letting the modern world destroy the body and mind, use these five activities to give it the break that it desperately needs.

Wild camp

Wild camp provides everyone with a break from the modern world. There are no noisy highways or tall buildings. Instead, wild camp is just a few good friends and the great outdoors. Families do not need to have experience with this to book an event.

Instead, experienced staff will help everyone that wants to participate in wild camp eat food that is cooked over a roaring fire, learn new and fun skills and they will guarantee that everyone gets the break that they need.


Surfing is a fun way to get a workout (so it can double as getting a daily dose of cardio), and it’s nice to get out and enjoy the sunlight. Picking up a new hobby or sport can help take anyone’s mind off the day to day stress that never seems to stop.

Taking a class will help individuals make new friends, and learn a new skill that will take them away from busy cities.

Regular massage

Thai massage has proven to be effective in treating a wealth of both mental illnesses and physical illnesses. It encourages the brain to release the same endorphins that are released during exercise to improve a person’s mood, and it can help the body get rid of harmful toxins that are responsible for disease and sickness.

The benefits of Thai massage don’t stop there. This type of massage is often referred to as “yoga for the lazy” because it has the same relaxing, refreshing effect on the body as a session of yoga. The only difference is that during a Thai massage, the recipient does not have to move a muscle.


Sometimes, getting away for a weekend for wild camp or taking an entire day to ride the waves is simply not possible. When a schedule is jam packed full of activities, the mind and body need to relax more than ever before. Make this happen by practicing a few easy to use meditation techniques daily.

Meditating daily will help improve an individual’s mood, lessen the impact that stress has on the body and mind, improve mental clarity and even improve a person’s coping skills. All of this can happen in just ten or thirty minutes a day.

It is recommended that individuals find a quiet spot to meditate, but sometimes the breathing exercises used in meditation can also work wonders in the middle of a traffic jam that is going to last for hours.–value-to-your-money