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Five Short Ways To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On Guests

Dogs are full of energy and they take no second chance to shower their love on anybody whether it’s you or even your guest. Many pet parents come with the problem that their dog just jumps on anybody those who visits them. Though ignored by many pet owners, it is crucial to provide the basic behavioral training to your dog in order to avoid any of the embarrassing moments that you or your guest may face when these furry pals just put their heels high.

What steps you can to take to stop your hyper dog from jumping on others?

Be a Pack Leader for Your Dog

Usually, dogs look for a captain and when they don’t have clarity about their leader, they try to fill this position with whoever visits the house. Therefore, taking up the charge as a leader you would most probably help in bringing cool and assertive energy making your pet behave aptly.

Correct Dog Jumping Behavior

A leader will never tolerate any deviation in the activity or behavior, which you need to remember and follow. Just make your dog realize that what he is doing is wrong in a calming assertive manner. This will allow your dog to figure out what rules he need to follow.

When Guests Arrive Ask Your Dog to sit Patiently

Dog is a true follower of his front runner. So, he will follow every commands of yours when he sees and respects you as his chieftain. Also, remember that animal leader doesn’t compromise for anything for what she or he wants.

Be a Leader for All the Time

It is not for few days or few weeks to lead your dog. You can’t be a director for just sometime. Leadership needs to be consistent and it’s forever. Consistency encourages your dog to stick to rules and behave in the utmost manner whereas inconsistency tends to create confusion, anxiety and leads to hyper dog behavior. Animal leaders never step down or waffle from their leadership role, and the same applies to you as leading a pack.

Reward with a Treat

Rewarding your furry pal with a treat whenever he behaves properly induces positivity and inculcates good behavior in him. Therefore, whenever he listens to your command encourage this behavior by giving him a treat.


Dogs are quick learners and it’s always easier to train your dog to do something rather than teaching not to do something. Usually, jumping has been reinforced intentionally. Similarly, teaching your pooch to sit showering praise and a treat, and directing him to sit through touch when jumping is an effective tool. With little patience and perseverance, you can make him a well-mannered dog that he doesn’t jump on guests.–62e78d6279ab877ca4e8e171–62e78e1955b00344d4a52f9e–62e790f8c481be0dc2744308–62e794c2c5a84b0e1373057a–62e79614162ec7bc547f6974