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Flowers, The Best Way to Expression Your Feeling

No matter what language you speak, flowers are the best way to express love, gratitude and celebrate special occasions.

History has witnessed the importance of flowers, as many flowers have been considered sacred to gods and goddesses and several romantic novels and fairy tales have been given a special essence of romance and beauty with the exquisiteness of different flowers. The beauty of flowers have been often expressed by poets and put into tune by singers expressing love and admiration for their beloved.

However, every flower has its own symbolism and can be great gifts to give in different occasions. Some of the most common flowers chosen for gifting purpose are roses, gladiolas, carnations, lilies, gerberas and orchids.

A little knowledge about flowers does not hurt; in fact it helps in choosing the right flower in case you want to gift a bunch or a bouquet to someone.

Roses Have much to Say:

Rose, the most common and dearly loved flower all around the world is the first one, which comes to mind whenever gifting flowers is considered. It is a well know fact that red roses are great for win hearts as they represent romance and immortal love. However, meaning is altered with the changing colours.

For a deeper understanding while choosing roses as gift, it is good to know that yellow roses are for cheering up friends. A red bouquet of roses chosen while wishing someone ‘Get well soon’ may raise eye brows but with a classy bunch of yellow roses, things are always right! When it comes to white roses, the immaculate beauty of these flowers is apt for farewell or new beginnings. The pristine white flower bunches and bouquets are the ideal way to express respect.

Gladiolas are a Glamorous Choice:

Vivid colours and a delicate structural beauty make the gladiolas a preferred flower when it comes to gifting. These flowers get their name from the Latin word “gladius,” which means sword, corresponding to their long leaves. These pretty flowers symbolize strength and honesty and also signify infatuation. These are often chosen as the perfect flowers for the fortieth anniversary.

Carnation Says ‘You Care’:

Carnations are flowers which can be gifted in diverse occasions as each colour represents a different emotion. The white carnations stand for good luck and the light red ones symbolize admiration. In case they are chosen for a romantic occasion, it is good to go with the dark red, as they represent love and affection.

Lilies are Lovely:

Known as the second wedding anniversary flower, lilies have resplendent beauty to flaunt. These exquisite flowers come in an array of hues and the white ones are often chosen as funeral flowers. The pink lilies are wonderful as house warming gifts as they denote wealth and prosperity.

Sending flowers as gifts on special occasions through online florists is the latest fad and why not use the services when it’s not possible to deliver floral bouquets personally. Easy and convenient, these services are available in most of the cities all around the world, you just need to log on and select a dependable online florist for the city where you intend to send the gift.

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