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Found Opportunities in School Sports

When your child has gotten old enough to want to participate in a school sport, many parents want to know if there are any benefits and what if any are the potential risks. Some of these questions include: Is there a chance for injury? Are the coaches domineering? And if so, how will your child deal with these situations? The outcomes from participating in school sports will depend on each individual program, and how the child, coaches and parents use the program.

There are many changes that are involved when children began to grow up, especially the emotional changes, which entail things like learning how to handle failure, be independent, anger, success, competitiveness, and disappointment. Team sports offers supervision, which will provide the right mixture of interdependence and independence to the team and the mentor, who will guide the children down this path. Learning to work as a team helps children develop understanding and compassion for the other teammates and the coach should show proper behavior when faced with the changing emotional states as well as give support as needed. The parent should make the choices to allow the child to have a consistent involvement because this is as great a benefit as the participation.

School sports give students an opportunity to progress in their sport and parents a chance to appreciate the child’s activity. Often, parents can enjoy the role of organizing fundraisers and celebrations for the team, while also offering encouragement from the grandstands. It is just as important for the child to apply themselves to the sport as it is to concentrating on their studies. When you compare students who only sometimes participate with those who dedicate the proper time, those who commit to the sport gained the most benefit. The child can also benefit from balancing sports with academics and community projects.

To be able to accomplish this, there has to be both organizational skills and strategic thinking involved, which are both life skills that will help in many areas of their adult lives. Today’s children spend too much time inside watching TV or playing video games, and it can give them freedom to be outside in the open spaces, fresh air and sunshine playing sports. Developments in the adolescent body are sometimes confusing, but with regular physical activity, they can keep control of those changes. This is extremely important for both girls and boys so they can both develop a healthy body image rather than conforming to the trends of eating disorders that can result in childhood obesity. Sports can be a great place to release all the pent up energy that is stored from staying in the classroom all day.

To achieve success as adults, a balance between teamwork and individual success is needed. Few places besides a sports team provide these qualities. The deep friendships that form from the feelings that are shared from wins and losses, can last a lifetime. The skills learned from these experiences and friendships will have lasting memories. These social skills learned in team sports can help the future adult handle unpredictable situations. The parents should be involved with both the staff and their child when looking for the right kind of school sports as this could be a wonderful way for the family to celebrate the achievements and growth of the child.