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Getting and Staying Connected Is Powerful

Here are a few tips for getting and staying connected to enrich your body and your soul plus these can provide a tremendous surge in brain stimulation. First, nurture existing relationships as you cultivate new ones. You have to be a friend to have a friend so schedule time and energy to share with others. Remember, too, that there are many lonely people – become a friend to someone who needs one. You might just offer the magic elixir for good health.

Schedule time for friends as you schedule private time for yourself. Life is busy – we can get going about 300 MPH and lose track of something very important – our friends. Call, set a time and place, then follow through. And sometimes, after all of those friendly visits, you just need some down time, time to think, reflect, take a walk, write a letter, or curl up with a cozy blanket and a wonderful book.

As you find more time and energy in your life because of the way you have scheduled time and improved your life with good friends you will find to have time to volunteer. Volunteer to help out to the degree you feel willing and capable. Volunteer where your heart speaks and your soul directs – at a school, for respite, to assist a friend.

This next one comes almost automatically if you have followed the guidance of the aforementioned suggestions. Become involved and socialize. Doing something important adds life value and personal spirituality. You can and do make a difference.

Perhaps one of your new goals (yes, yes, yes) is taking up a bit more physical exercise. Remaining physically active means that the more you do the more capable you become. Perhaps your new friend loves to bike. Maybe your old buddy is into weightlifting. Or maybe you are feeling brave and are ready to launch out into something new and different all on your own. Just do it!

Empower your brain by taking a class, learning to play an instrument, or immersing yourself in a second language. A little challenge to your mind is a wonderful thing. Although at the outset you may sense some frustration, that’s OK. It just means that your brain is filling to capacity with a super new subject or activity. This is good for you and promotes brain growth and mental power.


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