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Gifting Man’s Best Friend A Good Sleep

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes just like their occupants! But at their core, like a common core of love in all the dogs of the world, is comfort – spelt out clearly!

The long association of dogs with humans is proof that it is the oldest domesticated species with estimates ranging from 9000 years to 3000 years B.C. As a result, dogs have acquired the ability to understand and communicate with human beings and are attuned to human behavior like no other animal. Some of the social cognitive skills discovered in dogs are found not even in highly intelligent mammals like the apes, but comparable skills have been found closer home- in human children, no less.

The status of pet dogs has evolved in two distinct ways over the years. In the first, the dog is considered as a human being and we expect it to conform to human expectations of behavior. On the other hand, there is the view to treat the dog as a dog, with its own unique needs and routines, but as an important member of the family.

In the mid 1900s, the dogs were mostly kept outside, in a kennel or a doghouse. They were bred for the purpose of guarding, a walking companion or children’s playmate. Towards the end of the 20th century, there has been a gradual change in the way dogs are looked upon – they have been increasingly integrated with human life and pet dogs have become a very important part of family life.

Dog training is very common now and many normal dog behaviors like barking, urine marking, digging, rolling in dung are not acceptable and dogs are discouraged from exhibiting these behaviors. Pet dogs play an important part in the family life as members use the dog as a resource and as a medium of interactions among the family members.

It is little wonder then, that the comfort of this loyal and loving creature is uppermost in his human owner’s mind. Dogs are trained to sleep in their own beds, which may be a blanket or a proper bed. These beds can now be bought from the comfort of your home, by ordering it online.

There are different types of beds: extra large beds for large dogs, beds with motifs beloved to dogs like bones, etc., sofa shaped beds, oval beds, fleecy blankets, cushions, thermal quilted beds, the list is endless.

Why is it important that dogs sleep in their own beds?

One of the ways dogs understands hierarchy is by physical height. If you allow your dog to sleep in your bed, unlike making him sleep on the floor where a clear hierarchy is laid out, sleeping in the bed will be indicative of a not so clear hierarchy, and then there will be issues.

How to choose a good dog bed

Note how your dog sleeps and consider his age

If he likes to stretch out, then a rectangular bed is the clear choice

If he likes to curl up, an oval enveloping bed is best.

Older and arthritic dogs have special mattresses.