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Gifts and Portions

Call Gifts anything that are given, but Portions anything that are thoughtfully given that fulfills the desired effect. Gifts and Portions are not the same thing. I write to urge you to make your gifts portions, so you don’t only give but are happy giving.

I could send flowers to someone daily and it’s meaningless. But I can write on the person’s mind that I do send flowers everyday to show that I care, and I want the person to take in the fresh, natural and beautiful scent of the flowers to show the feeling I get knowing that I have him/her: Portions are cooked, made, and have special purposes that most times bind.


Gifts are here and there, and could be seen as one of those things if not cooked as portions. One’s lifestyle and dispositions of care make up the ingredients for a Portion; one’s thoughtfulness cooks a Portion; and one’s manner of presentation and words serve the Portion. I write that we take our gifts to the next level. And I care to write because I sure know that we always want people to appreciate what we give them, if not want something in return.

Gifts buy the mind. Portions buy the heart and bind it. Romance isn’t obscene or for the movies alone. In fact, Romance is a tickle of fancies according to how uniquely and spontaneously we want to please someone. Ladies love Romance, and trust me men love to give it. Being Romantic is giving portions. It could as well be how you throw out your cash, choose your drive, gadgets and toys, for the rich; or how important you make a token feel, manage your space and care, for the poor. It is the attitude. Romance is a Portion. It is the little spell we need. It is the magic we unsaidly crave for when we need more amid so much we already have.

Think a bit of being Romantic and you start towards giving Portions and not just Gifts. Then when you find the right moment, and can surprise your muse, you would have cooked and perfectly served your Portion. Really, I imagine the feeling already. I connect with the reactions even writing this now. The giver is happier with how delighted or tickled the receiver feels. And before you know it, the loyalty comes from the receiver and endures.

However, when serving Portions, just leave out all forms of arrogance or accomplishments. You look not like a giver when you want to serve Portions, but as a servant. Always define Portion gifts and moments as your feeling, not what you can always afford. Tell the person he or she deserves it and you could not hold back. One thing is certain, everyone loves to feel special and cherish moments that make us smile, even when we are coaxed to understand it that way.