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Good Life Tips for Digital Nomads – And Everybody Else

Physical environment

has a big impact on the quality of life. A good environment will inspire and encourage, a poor environment will drain energy and may even become an invisible obstacle to success and happiness.

A good Digital Nomad home anywhere

Even if, for a Digital Nomad, “home” tends to change frequently, it is important to find temporary homes that fulfill your personal criteria for a good and pleasant home; to make sure that you work efficiently and can relax completely.

A separate place to work

is a good idea! That will make it easier to keep the workplace orderly, and allow complete focus on work while working. And vice-versa, allow complete relaxation when “off-work”.

Clean and uncluttered environment

A Digital Nomad will probably be travelling with minimum baggage, so there should not be a lot of old memories and stuff to clutter your space. Anyway, make sure to have a simple system to store a few really important items such as passport, tickets, work material, etc; consistently in “the same place”. Orderly and easy to pack and unpack; and you will never have to waste your time searching for these vital things when you need them.

Thoughts, feelings, and actions

Accept full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions! No one can control their circumstances – but everyone can decide how to react to them. Decide for positive or negative – see an opportunity or see a problem. Thoughts have a tendency to manifest in real life. Remember: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” ~Henry Ford.


is an important concept for a happy life! Balance between work and play, fun and duty, activity and rest… Listen carefully to heart/intuition/gut feeling – to find the right balance at any given time.

Live up to Highest Standards

The world deserves your best! By setting high standards for yourself – behaviour, ethics, responsibility, trustworthiness, physiology, dress code, thoughts and language – you encourage high standards in people you interact with. Consider words and actions carefully. “Little things” count! Life is the sum of all those little words, thoughts and actions. Be on time, keep promises, stick to agreements, be honest, reliable, truthful and respectful to everyone.

Live NOW

Worries and concerns are mostly connected to the past: “why did I do that, why did I say that… ” – or to the future: “What if I get sick, unemployed, run out of money… “. Now is all we’ve got, Now is what counts. Yesterday is history! Learn the lessons, forgive persons involved – including yourself – then release and let go; move on!

“Live now” does not mean to disregard planning for the future – But make sure to let tomorrow take care of tomorrow’s problems. Worry about the future is an unproductive waste of time and energy.