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Gotz 18 Inch Dolls – Features and Advantages

If you’re looking for contemporary looking dolls as a gift then the Gotz 18 inch dolls would be the ideal choice. This particular line concentrates on providing modern looking dolls dressed in the latest fashion.

The bodies are made out of vinyl and pliable, making them perfect for children. Since they are incredibly durable, parents wouldn’t worry too much about the doll suddenly suffering from damage just after a few days of purchase. What’s great about these models is that the hair is rooted to the head, allowing children to style, brush and manipulate the hair according to what they want.

The best thing about Gotz dolls is the fact that they can be washed by putting inside a pillowcase with cold water option. And also, as mentioned above, you can do a lot of things with the hair; it can be washed, shampooed and styled with products similar as to what you would do with an actual hair. These two characteristics are not very common with most 18 inch dolls. The doll is made from Germany so expect quality and safety; they are constructed from Phthalate-Free materials and hand painted with non-toxic paints

Thanks to their generic size, it’s very easy to find doll clothes and accessories for these dolls. The Gotz line themselves offer a wide array of additional clothes for their dolls, all in the latest fashion. You can tell that these dolls are specially made for children due to their easy maintenance. Since they can be washed, the parents will have no problem ensuring that the doll is always clean and free of germs.

The Gotz doll line also sells smaller sized dolls but their 18 inch collection is the best selling line. The dolls cost around $70 together with multiple clothes and various accessories. For those who want to add more however, the Gotz line also offers additional items for individual purchase. For parents who want to add to the enjoyment factor of these dolls, you can also try adding in furniture like beds, closets or even tiny brushes for the hair.