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Has Community Transmission Begun in India?

The entire nation is going under 21 days of lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus. Despite that, it seems like the government’s efforts are not going well with the rapidly-changing circumstances. The graph of people getting infected has shown a steep growth in the last 5-7 days. This has increased the speculation among people wondering if India is heading towards a community transmission phase or the 3rd stage of Covid-19 spreading?

It would be quite strict over the government to say that their efforts are not enough to stop the spread rapidly as well as a very impatient verdict to predict that India has stepped into the community transmission phase. There are a few cases in Mumbai, which don’t have a definite source of transmission. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that in the congested slum area, it won’t take much time to reach the stage of community transmission if any single person gets infected.

More strictness is required among people to maintain social distancing and stay at their home. We need to be more responsible towards ourselves and our community. It is very important to behave intelligently since the local community has wreaked havoc on the whole country during the last few days and the cases have increased rapidly. This is very disheartening and an irresponsible attitude from them to ignore the government’s orders which can spread the virus throughout the whole country.

On the other hand, it is very inspiring to learn about how the Rajasthan government has taken the preventive measures by isolating the complete city of Bhilwara and wanting to scan each individual. This would have been very difficult for the government to scan and identify each individual case and would take the community transmission speculation in the city to almost nil. The city is still under strict lockdown and apart from government efforts, it is quite commendable how the people supported the government while being inside their houses and revealing all of their details along with their travel history.

The other state governments are looking forward to using this formula when the need arises for the sake of public well-being. Apart from that, the only and safest solution to save our lives is to maintain social distancing since there is no vaccine for it. Therefore, as a precautionary measure before the 21- day lockdown period ends, the state governments of Orissa declared a complete lockdown until April 30, 2020. Apart from that, almost all states are open for a lockdown extension period where the affected cities are in priority. The governments made it mandatory for people to wear masks while going out of their houses.

The increasing number of cases requires an increase in more medical facilities and equipment for patients and the medical staff, so we can be prepared for any worst-case scenarios in advance. It is high time to learn from countries like China, USA, France, and others who made mistakes in implementing later lockdowns and risking the lives of large populations. Without a doubt, to save the country from heading towards communal transmission, only lockdowns and social distancing is helpful.