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How to Arrange Flowers in a Medium Size Vase

First, gather everything that you need. Do this before you start to prevent problems later on.

You will need:

  • One medium-sized glass vase. This arrangement is best suited to a clear glass vase, rather than opaque glass.
  • Enough water to fill the glass about ¾ full
  • Find about 12 short-stemmed flowers
  • 1 aspidistra leaf
  • some bear grass
  • a ruler
  • a pair of scissors
  • a kitchen knife
  • some household bleach
  • a bucket of warm water

First, take the knife and use it to remove all the thorns and any leaves that will end up below the water level in the vase. If you leave any leaves in the water they will rot and this will cause the water to smell and it will also make the flowers wilt.

Once you have prepared the flowers then it’s time to prepare the vase. Fill it (3/4) with water and make sure the water is fresh and cold. Add a tiny dash of bleach to keep the water smelling fresh. While this might seem a bit of a strange technique, it really works!

The next stage is to line the vase. Use the aspidistra leaf for this. If they are not available then you can use any other long leaves that you can find.

Now cut the stems. Cut them to the right length so that the flowers themselves are about 6 centimetres higher than the vase. You are trying to create the effect of the flowers floating over the top of the vase, rather than poking out the top. When cutting the stems, always cut them at a 45 degree angle, rather than straight on. This makes it much easier for them to suck up the water from the bottom of the vase and draw it up to the head of the flower. It means they last longer and do not wilt so quickly. If you had harder, woody stems (like with roses, for example) split the stems about 2 centimetres in the middle as well, to help draw up even more water.

Finally, arrange the flowers in the vase and make sure they are all the same height and evenly spread out so that you don’t have more on one side than the other. Now use the bear grass: put it in one side of the vase, loop it over the flowers and then put the other end in the other side. Do this a few times to add some style to your arrangement. Voila! You’re finished and the arrangement is ready for display.

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