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How To Buy Wholesale Beads Online

When you are looking for beads for jewelry making, you have the choice of buying strands of beads at a time or you can consider buying larger quantities. If you create jewelry just for fun, it is a good idea to buy few strands at a time, but if you are a professional designer and create more than six jewelry pieces at a time, then you can save money, time and energy by investing in wholesale beads.

But buying wholesale beads is not easy, especially when you are considering buying over the internet. When I buy wholesale beads for my jewelry creations, I make basic determinations regarding the type of beads I want to buy. I develop a basic criterion when it comes to choosing beads over the internet since shopping online can be quite risky. What I basically do to ensure that I am getting the right things and value for my money is to evaluate wholesale beads. I do this in a number of ways.

Evaluate bead material

One of the first things I take a look at is the material the beads are made from. I choose the material depending on my budget and the type of project I have in hand. Let’s take a look at some of the bead materials and how the beads can be used.

Glass – these beads have a matte finish or a high shine. I consider them when I have to create stunning and elegant jewelry.

Acrylic – these are great for including in kid’s jewelry or craft project.

Crystal – these add a touch of sparkle and elegance to any jewelry item. They are more expensive than glass beads and can be used in the creation of fine jewelry.

Metal – these beads can be used as accent pieces along with other types of beads such as glass beads.

Wood – wood beads are natural and lightweight. I mainly use them to create outdoor jewelry and men’s jewelry.

Evaluate bead style

Another thing that I look at when buying wholesale beads for my projects is the style they come in.

Faceted – these have cuts on their surface so when they are put under light conditions, they shine like precious stones. These beads are ideal for making high-end costume jewelry.

Seed – these beads are extremely small. I use them as accents on very fine bracelets and necklaces. They are also perfect for loom work.

Bicone – they have a round shape and tapered ends. They can be included in many earring designs and dressy costume jewelry.

Czech – glass of two different tones are used to create Czech beads. They look elegant so are most suitable for fine jewelry.