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How to Compare MRO Services

You will want to compare MRO services third-party administrator to another. This will make it easier for you to determine who you will work with. If a medical review officer isn’t able to provide you with quality services, or enough services, it’s only going to cause more work for you. This can be avoided simply by taking the time to research your options before choosing one over another.

Look at Services
One of the first things you need to do when comparing MRO services is look at the full extent of services that are offered. Not all companies offer the same, and you don’t want to end up having to hire two companies in order to do everything for you. It will be easier and more affordable to have one company handle everything. Some of the services to explore include:

  • Consultations
  • Telephone litigation support
  • Expert testimony
  • Status updates
  • Chain of custody tools
  • Final disposition of records
  • Translator services
  • Electronic data management

Before you cross out one administrator because they don’t offer the same number of services as another, determine what services you actually need. If you only need three or four from the list, then the administrator that offers fewer services may be capable of providing you with everything.

Program Implementation
Some companies will provide MRO services only after you have implemented a program. However, you may need help starting the program. If you are a new business, or you have just decided you want to create a drug and alcohol testing program, you may need to rely heavily on a medical review officer. This person can guide you through the program standards. The two of you can talk about what is needed, and they can do a significant amount of the work for you. This cannot only save you time, but ensure that you have captured everything. You can also rely on someone else’s expertise to help you implement a quality program that you can truly benefit from.

While cost shouldn’t be the primary way to compare MRO services, it is something that you will want to look at. You don’t want to spend any more than absolutely necessary. Talk to a medical review officer and find out what their fees are. Is it a flat fee? Do they charge for each service? These are the questions you will want to have answered before you determine you have captured all of the expenses. Only then can you start to budget what it will be to have a medical review officer as a third-party administrator and to assist you throughout the operation of your drug and alcohol testing program. You can typically compare the MRO services online. This will allow you to see what everyone offers. You may even want to contact them individually to ask a few questions. Be sure to ask the same questions of every administrator. This will make it easier to compare apples to apples. Once you have your questions answered and you have done sufficient research, you are better armed to make a decision.