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How to Get Homework Done in a Noisy Environment

  1. Tell them to shut up.

Honestly, if you’re in a library or somewhere similar and there are loud people doing loud things next to you, just ask them to stop. Being able to study in peace is your right as soon as you enter the library. Don’t let noisy people ruin your exam revision.

Ask them nicely, and if they disregard your request, tell the librarian or move to another place in the library.

  1. Background music

This is a bit of a controversial topic. Many people say that music helps them concentrate, but others won’t have it at all because it focuses their momentum away from the studying and more into the music. Listening to music while studying can harm a lot more than it helps if used incorrectly.

When you’re listening to music, make sure it is one of those hour-long music mixes (see YouTube) or is a play list of tracks you know you can study to so you don’t have to go back to your iPod every 5 minutes to choose a song. Obviously, just make sure the music suits the mood required to study effectively. I prefer music without lyrics (i.e. just instrumental music) to study. You can’t really listen to someone talking while trying to read or solve a question. Something atmospheric and slow paced is ideal for a good studying environment.

I believe background music can really get you into the zone if there are noisy people around you. It should be loud enough that your mind doesn’t wander to the conversation happening next to you, but not too loud so that it stops you from studying.

  1. White noise

This is a little trick of mine that I often use if I want to study in a noisy environment. I much prefer it to music. If you don’t know what white noise is, it’s the constant background noise that you get if you turn on your radio and are not tuned to a certain channel. Apparently, it also helps you concentrate better if you have ADHD.

Turn the white noise up and you won’t even have to worry about loud people around you- it really lets you in your own little world where you can study in peace.

Where do I get white noise, you ask? There are plenty of down-loadable white noise mp3s or websites that generate white noise. Otherwise, just do it the good old fashioned way- bring a pocket radio and tune it to an empty frequency and get to work!