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How to Make Residual Income Giving Away Training

Is that really viable? Having passive income just by selling training kits?

Of course it is.

This one is all in the choosing – that is, finding an affiliate program that perfectly suits the technique you’re about to discover.

Ideally, you want to pick an affiliate program that offers residual income. Frankly, you always want to choose residual income if you can get it.

Did you know that some marketers make 4 and 5 figures per month with autoresponder and hosting affiliate programs? Now you might be wondering how on Earth that’s even possible.

Well, that’s because once customers sign up to get an autoresponder or hosting, they seldom switch. And as long as they’re marketing, they need the service. It isn’t a one-off thing; it’s recurring. You can get people to resubscribe every month or every year.

So the trick is, find something that pays well and pays often. Preferably something that offers benefits other programs don’t have. That puts you at a good advantage over the rest.

Now then, once you’ve got your affiliate program you’re going to tailor training around the program.

Here’s the trick – don’t make the training “how to use xyz program.” For example, don’t make it, “How to use Aweber.”

If you do then most of the people who get your training will already have Aweber and they won’t be buying it from you. The key is to not give any spoilers. People hate them. Just think of this: if people don’t want spoilers in movies or TV shows, then they also don’t want spoilers in business.

Instead, tailor your training to the benefit the program offers. In this case, your training would be “How to quickly build a list and start making money,” or something along those lines. Give it some suspense, so people will have a reason to look further into it.