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How To Make Themed Bracelets Using Wholesale Charms

I absolutely love wearing jewelry and whenever I am out and about, beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets keep capturing my attention. Sometimes, I buy jewelry on impulse and when I try to match them with my outfits, I get disappointed. This is the reason I decided to create my own jewelry at home. I haven’t really learned how to design jewelry at home, but I have gone through a number of tutorials online which has helped me sharpen my skills. Since I had a passion for wearing and designing jewelry, it was quite easy for me to start making my own creations.

Today, I may not be an expert designer, but I am able to make jewelry that I love to wear with my outfits. I create jewelry to match my outfits and sometimes my mood as well. I have also learned to create jewelry that can reflect my interests and likes. I remember it was last year during the holiday season when I wanted to create jewelry for my loved ones. But, I was lost for ideas. A friend of mine suggested that I should use charms in my creations this holiday season because they make perfect gifts and they can be personalized as well.

When I did a search on the internet, I was delighted to find all the wonderful options. Holiday themed charms looked great and I knew if I included them in my jewelry creations, they could become the perfect holiday gifts for all my families and friends. I decided to purchase wholesale charms and create as many as 50 themed bracelets for my dear ones.

Buying wholesale charms was a great idea as I was able to save a lot of money on my purchase. I got as many as 500 holiday themed charms in the lot which was enough for making at least 50 holiday themed bracelets and how much I spent for the lot was not more than $39.

To make the bracelets, I decided to use chains instead of beading wire. I got colored chains so I could make different colored bracelets. Here’s how I made themed bracelets using wholesale charms.

What you need:

• Chain nose pliers
• Wholesale charms
• Length of chain
• Clasps and connectors

How to make

1. Using chain nose pliers, cut the chain into its desired length. The length will basically be how long you want your bracelets to be.

2. Lay the chain on a flat surface and place your charms near the loops where you want to attach them. Place at least 8-10 charms and see if you get the desired look. You can increase or decrease the number of charms based on your preference and how you want the bracelets to look.

3. Ensure that you have placed the charms equally apart. To make your work easier when attaching the charms, you can count the number of loops you are leaving out in between.

4. Using a set of pliers, open the jump rings attached to the charms and place them around the chain. Close the jump ring ensuring that the charms have been securely attached.

5. Repeat until you have attached all the charms to the bracelet.

6. Attach one end of the clasp to one end of the bracelet and the second to the other end.

7. Try to open and close the clasp to ensure that it is secure.

No matter what the occasion is, you can use wholesale charms to create stunning and beautiful jewelry. Charms are available in various themes such as Easter, party, vacation, music, medical, flowers, animals and so on which means you won’t find it hard to find charms that match your preferences, likes and interests.