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How to Stop Picking Your Nose in an Addictive Way

Nose picking is extremely widespread throughout the world. It is estimated through studies that the average person picks his nose at least 4 times a day. Of course habitual pickers could spend considerably more time picking their nose than the average person.

Some people pick to extreme, spending more than 30 minutes a day picking their nose. When picking becomes a sort of addiction, it can cause significant problems for the sufferer.

Many people with this problem will have a recurring nose-itch, inciting them to pick again and again in an addictive way. Of course picking your nose this much can lead to complications.

One common complaint is nose bleeds or scarring of the nostrils. Some people pick their scabs in their nose so much that the skin scars.

The more people pick their scabs in their nostrils, the more frequent nose bleeds can become. Most habitual pickers mostly go untreated as they are too shy to talk about it with their doctor.

Picking to extreme can also cause social tension. Being spotted picking your nose by someone you know can lead to friction between you and that person. Some people may never want to speak to you again after catching you in the act.

For habitual pickers this is a constant fear, and they take any opportunity in solitude to pick their nose.

The occasional nose-pick is OK if it is only a few times a day.

Here is my solution to stop picking your nose in a habitual and addictive way.

The solution:

For 1 whole day you should notice what times of day you most pick your nose and write it down. Wear gloves at the times of day you most pick. Extended glove-wearing will stop you from picking your nose. The act of having to take off your glove to pick your nose will also show you how bad you feel you need to pick.

Keep your gloves on even if it seems really hard. What many people do to curb the sensation is to just touch your nose with your glove. In the beginning this can help, after a while you may not feel the need to do this.

If you are at work, or somewhere where wearing gloves is not an option, you should try this other technique. Tie an elastic around the fingers you use most to pick. This way your finger will be too big to fit into your nose.

The elastic will also remind you not to pick your nose. Elastic tying should be used at all places where gloves are not an option. Try to use the bigger elastics as they are harder to fit into your nose. Always remember to have some elastics at hand at work and other places where you often pick.