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Is Any Dog Safe?

All dogs bite. The circumstances and situations involved in each case will vary, but the basic truth is that no canine is guaranteed to be totally safe. Every community these days has more than it’s fair share of potentially vicious animals. Even size doesn’t matter when it comes to being bitten by a dog. An attack or bite can cause trauma whether or not an animal is big, medium or small; any dog can and will bite under the right circumstances. Older pets and young puppies alike can cause injuries.

Age doesn’t matter, either. From a very old dog to a very young puppy, dogs bite.

Trauma caused by being bitten by a dog can range from serious puncture wounds and involve tissue, tendons and muscle damage. Facial wounds and injury to the ears and head are very common injuries to young children. One of the more serious results of a dog attack is the subsequent infection which can occur after the initial bite.

While known vicious dogs such as Pit Bulls are commonly involved in many fatal dog mauling cases, many other breeds can cause serious damage to the person bitten by a dog. Most often after any dog attack, the dog’s owner will describe them as sweet and docile, a great family pet. But, for a different perspective, ask the victim of the dog bite in Irvine. Sweet Fido ripped clothes off, tore into arms and legs, and caused sheer terror.

Pain, stress and emotional upheaval are the results of the trauma caused by a dog bite. Medical care is extremely important in these cases. Initial treatment will involve cleaning the wound, and stitching up the broken skin if necessary. In the case of torn tendons or muscles, surgery may be necessary. Keeping infection away is of extreme importance. Future medical care may include therapy, either physical of emotional.

If you or a loved one are a victim of a dog attack, step one is to get immediate medical treatment. Even a seemingly simple bite can become infected; that is why proper medical care is so important. Be sure to photograph the bite injuries. Talk with witnesses and get their written statements. Finally, contact an experienced dog bite attorney to go over your possible lawsuit.–5e970cd5d0d8e17c0572b85a–62eb6a18d44be66d86598cd2

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