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Is There Value for Private Schools to Have After School Clubs?

What are your fondest school memories? More than likely, it was spending time with your friends outside the classroom. Amazing as it sounds; the after school clubs that do not involve their studies are even more important with helping the student find friends, succeed in their studies and generally be happy.

Because there is so much emphasis on succeeding in academics, young children can even get stressed. The creativity that happens in these after school clubs can bring in new life to academics. With the freedom of after school clubs, students are able to use these activities to connect with their academic studies in a whole new way. One example is where students who are studying the solar system, can in their after school Lego club, build models of spaceships and then incorporate the planets they learned about in class, into the model. In this way, they can better understand the subject.

Students are better able to enjoy and learn because they do not have the stress of making the grade. This also prepares them to balance stressful activities with pleasurable ones to reduce stress and lead a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, by balancing required learning with an activity the child can choose, the important message of decision making is being sent. Also, the child is able to take responsibility so they can join in fun activities, and create a grand final project through hard work with their classmates. These good times will be long remembered and shared with their families as artworks and or performances with the class.

This can also teach them how valuable it is to contribute to the community. The teachers, parents and children in private schools have more freedom that those in public schools to support local causes because there are not as many students in each classroom, plus they have more able to set policy. These after school clubs can both build friendships as well as assist the teachers in learning the best way of helping the students. Since the after school clubs are supervised environments, they can be wonderful places for all children to meet and make new friends.

The relationship between the teachers and students improve because the teachers learn new ways to help them, which in turn helps the teacher to find new ways to improve programs. Childhood is important as it is a time of increased independence balanced with guidance, and with the after school clubs, there is the perfect environment where teachers can help students learn how to be independent and not feel abandoned. Another plus is that teachers in private schools are happier than those in public schools; children need to be around teachers who are happy in their work.

Private schools have a much higher rate of teachers to students, which makes it much easier on the teachers to mentor activities they have an expertise in or passion for, which also makes it very exciting for the students. More often than not, private schools are able to offer a wider variety of activities that those found in public schools, mainly because there are more teachers. Because there are so many choices, the chances of a student being able to experience an unexpected discovery in an area that is unknown like an art club, puppet club or story time Yoga class is much greater. Nothing builds self-esteem like learning a new skill and allowing being able to develop one’s own unique personality and talent. Finding out if your school offers after school clubs is certainly worth investigating.