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It’s Just Not Fair – We Need Honesty in the Natural Sciences

We need to be able to trust our leadership, our parents, our teachers, and our scientists. We need to have good information to make important life decisions and important strategies to propel our civilization. If not we all lose when poor choices are made and the law of unintended consequences throws us a curve ball, red herring, or black swan event. If we cannot see the past the first row of trees, how can we ever understand the rain forest?

We need to keep integrity and honesty in the sciences, or we cannot progress. The other day there was a very interesting article on Helium, posted in the Science/Astronomy Section titled; “NASA admits all previous warming trends caused by sun” by Terrance Aym on April 3, 2011. In the article’s teaser first paragraph it stated;

“Under mounting pressure from scientists that reject the politically popularized man-made global warming and climate models-the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory-the American space agency NASA has admitted that all past warming trends were driven by solar activity.” And in the last sentence of the article was this problematic and troubling comment; “Far from warming, Kukla is warning everyone that will listen that the world is about to enter a new Ice Age.”

In further debating this recent announcement with a fellow think tanking thinker type from Sweden, Daniel Perrson, it was noted that the we have a problem with the “Leafmasters” – which is a private joke we have generated around here to explain how the tree of science so often has branches which just stop, offering no more than a lousy leaf as any potential chance for progression. Call it the academic Ivory Tower or Pedestal Syndrome if you want, we call the problem one with the “Leafmasters” of our modern scientific realm.

Daniel laughed at a particular line in the article; “Why are some scientists worried? Perhaps because they feel that to stop worrying may mean to stop being paid.” Exactly, and this is how the Global Warming Alarmists hijacked science, using governments and public fear to fund research and as long as that research supported the theory of Global Warming more money was given for even further research, a black hole from which there is no way out, and any scientific evidence shining light on the reality could never reach escape velocity or appear in the scientific journals.

Essentially, contrarian views, research, and data was effectively silenced. Daniel stated that; I hope the TV/Film-industry produces a movie about the real situation and not only all the propaganda movies about the lies spread by the leafmasters. If they do, it will probably start a bigger debate and get it all to the surface, and make allot more people aware. The scam needs to get out.

Is it possible that some climate scientists are tired of being silenced and are now speaking out despite the chances of being black-balled from future research grants? Could be, and on another speculation, could this be why the NASA satellite crashed which was supposed to once and for all give us the proof and end the debate on AGW Theory.

Is there more to all this, a conspiracy theory perhaps, but things are beginning to look as if the global citizens of the world and the public at large has been had when it comes to the Global Warming scare. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.