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IXL Fisher Price: The Ultimate Handheld Learning Tool for Kids

Learning is of utmost importance and the new iXL Fisher Price will certainly be of great help to any child when it comes to learning faster and more efficiently. Since it is a handheld device, it is more convenient for a child to use, which will allow the little tyke to be able to learn comfortably almost anywhere. The problem with most handheld devices is that they tend to break easily in the hands of a child; however, the IXL Fisher-Price is made of rugged plastic designed to endure any kind of rough handling by a these little people.

The iXL Fisher Price is considered to be one of the most educational devices currently available because of its 6-in-1 learning system. It will introduce all sorts of fundamental topics for a child while being fun and child-friendly at the same time. Thanks to the applied sophisticated technology, it has an LCD that a child can use with a stylus suitable for them; this makes it easy for a child to navigate through the device, as well as make it more interesting for them. Not to mention that you can connect it to your computer to add photos, MP3 music, and other extras from Fisher-Price to the gadget itself. Thus making the experience more customized and interactive for your child.

To set it up is easy, because all you need are four AA batteries to start it up, a quick and easy calibration for the touch screen and install the features using the CD-ROM provided with the device (this is to gain access to additional features). It comes with a built-in 150MB of internal memory, and is expandable through the use of an SD card. It also incorporates an auxiliary audio input jack so the child can focus solely on the lessons and games or simply during long trips in the car, plane, etc.

The Digital Reader will allow a child access to stories that can be run on either interactive or reading modes; this will help a tyke learn how to read and train his/her comprehension skills. The Game Player will allow the child to learn numbers and sequence developing arithmetic skills. The Notepad mode will help the child practice writing, and learn alphabets. The Art Studio’s digital tools will help satisfy the child’s creativity in drawing. Not to mention that he will be able to practice drawing his shapes in this mode. Just from the basic features of the iXL Fisher Price, it is already considered to be an excellent device worth its price.