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Jesus Christ in Russian Folk Art

With 75% of the population in Russia practicing Orthodox Christianity, it is no wonder that Christian theology and history are so prevalent throughout the country. One Russian cultural area that features Christian history is world-famous Russian art. Russian folk art, crafts, icons and hand-made gift items all borrow from Russian art masters. Some of the handmade Russian craft items include nesting dolls, amber crosses, icons among others. In this article we look at some of the religious themed pieces that can be purchased as gifts or even kept as souvenirs.

Jesus Christ 5 Piece Nesting Doll Set

Available in many sizes, these types of nesting dolls are usually well crafted and skilfully made to depict a Russian Orthodox style image of Jesus. Nesting dolls are almost always made of lime wood with tempura paint that is water based; (and hard clear lacquer gives the nesting dolls a perfect clear and durable finish). The fine details have been observed in each doll to bring out very real images of the different stages of the life of Jesus Christ. The largest doll in this collection is about 1.0lbs with the largest doll being 7 inches tall. As with any other nesting doll set, to reveal the entire collection, you just open the larger doll.

Orthodox Icons

These are also very common among the Russian Christian community. They mostly feature images of Jesus Christ and Mary His mother commonly referred to as The Virgin Mary. The images differ in painting but they mostly depict the person of Jesus Christ in different scenarios. They also show Godmother Mary as well. Some Icons have images of the two of them together further enhancing the close relationship between the Godmother Mary and the Son Jesus Christ who form a core part of the Orthodox Christian belief. The images are carefully and skilfully placed in well-crafted and designed wooden frames. These wooden frames have mainly been inspired by the ancient Russian villagers.

Amber Crosses

These are also other common Russian Folk art pieces that are made from amber pieces that are found at the Baltic seashore. To make them better, the pieces are finely polished and fixed with a sterling silver to form a modern looking cross, pendant or jewelry. This enhances the beauty of this piece making it very appealing to the eye. Due to its composition, the amber jewelry are rare and are made in small quantities. They therefore make a perfect gift for a special person or occasion. The crosses are also made in such a way that the Orthodox Christianity is reflected.

The Russian Folk are quite artistic as well as highly religious it is no wonder that most of the Orthodox Christian artifacts originate from here. The paintings that originate from Russia are also high quality and would make for perfect gifts. Besides, the art pieces are unique because they are made with the utmost care and with attention to detail to ensure that as they get to the market the buyers are satisfied. Additionally, they are well priced making them very affordable for many people. If you are looking for a gift that will not only be memorable but also appreciated, Russian cultural gifts are ideal.