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Key Language Skills To Gain If You Are Looking To Learn English

Due to economic problems on the periphery of the euro zone, countless young Italian and Spanish students are drawn to the largest city in Western Europe. London still has a relatively active job market. Additionally, a diverse and dynamic society makes it an attractive destination for Italians and Spaniards who are struggling with their home countries’ sluggish economies. The EU free market means work visas are not a problem so the only problem might be a lack of language skills. While German and French classes encouraged English language learning in the 1980s and 1990s, Italian and Spanish educational programs were relatively slow to encourage English skills in their youth.

As a result, many young Spaniards and Italians come to London unprepared linguistically. Despite having highly relevant skills in the workplace, a lack of language skills can lead people to take up unskilled jobs, depending on their qualifications. This is a dilemma and a difficult learning experience. Although there are many language institutes in England, you cannot guarantee that you will always get a course that will teach you English to get into the job quickly. How do we know that these schools provide adequate education?

What should we look for when looking for a course? Students need quality English grammar and vocabulary instruction, but this is not always the case. It’s definitely worth asking students how satisfied they are with the course before signing up. .The next step is to check whether business English skills are the focus of the training. This will ensure you acquire the key professional skills to structure letters, emails and communicate on the phone.

Learning these skills in one course can also be beneficial for those who wish to study in London and work again in Italy and Spain as the business approach has universal benefits. Few schools currently offer these courses, but I hope more schools in London will learn to offer quality language education combined with a business approach to help meet their students’ long-term life goals.