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Last Minute Christmas Gift for Dog Walkers

Christmas is right around the corner and those last minute gifts are here too. If your gift recipient is a dog walker, than look no further than the latest inventions to make that job easier. A gift that will pay dividends as soon as the dog is hooked to the leash. Or if no leash is used, as soon as that first step is taken outdoors with the anxious pooch.

The dog walker must always remember to find and carry those needed dog waste bags or a pooper scooper if that is used. If the walker has been gifted with a dog poop bag holder, then that job has been done. Most poop bag holders will conveniently hold those empty, un-loaded canine waste bags right there in a convenient place in the holder. So the waste bags don’t need to be hunted down, searched for, or found among the clutter. They are already loaded and waiting in the dog poop bag holder.

The last minute Christmas gift will really be welcomed when the pooch performs his always expected duty on those daily walks. As soon as the canine waste is expelled, an empty bag can be taken from the dog poop bag holder and used to pick up the dog waste. Then the top of the bag can be folded or tied and the loaded dog waste bag can be easily placed back in the poop bag holder. It is now out of sight and out of mind. It is well protected from jostling and from bumping that might break the bag and expel the contents. The dog walker can continue on his/her walk without having to hold the disgusting bag of canine excrement. This is a much prettier site for all to see.

An even better Christmas gift treat is that some dog poop bag holders are big enough to hold more than one loaded bag if needed. In addition, some also make room for wallets, cell phones, pooch treats or other needs. And there is even a pocket for hand sanitizer in one that will make for a very welcomed Christmas treat. Please consider a gift that will offer fast and convenient last minute shipping.

If the dog walker wants to munch on that apple, hold that cup of coffee or a young child’s hand, then they know that their hands are clean after swiping up that canine waste. What a great last minute Christmas gift for all concerned, especially if it is a last minute and much needed gift for that flamboyant dog walker.

Please consider this new, unique and discreet dog poop bag holder, as a last minute Christmas gift with fast shipping. This is the safe way to carry your dog waste bag and other necessities. This convenient poop pouch will safely and discreetly carry your waste bags and also has interior and exterior pockets for empty waste bags, dog training supplies and an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer. It also has a handy clip for a dog poop bags dispenser, keys or a flashlight. This new way to carry your dog waste bags and more is convenient, discreet and sanitary. Free shipping on 3 or more!

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