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Luxurious Tour Experiences in Bhutan

If you travel to Bhutan, an intriguing land for the tourists, you should definitely go for the ethnic tours that will bring to you the conspicuous cultural identity that this land possesses. Here are the Best 5 Ethnic Tours Experiences in Bhutan that you must undergo to feel the culture of the land.

Go for trekking to famous spots

When you are going for the Bhutan cultural tours, trekking can give you great experiences. As you trek to Thimpu, moving from Paro, you will be able to witness many historical sites and places showing the rich heritage. If you come on a working day, you will be able to see a painting school of high reputation. You will see the Tiger’s Nest Monastery which is worth visiting and seeing the religious practices observed here. You can see the beautiful landscapes as you trek towards Punakha valley.

Getting the feel of local culture

The town of Punakha is the former capital of the nation. It reflects its glorious religious past. The famed Chime Lhakhang Monastery which is also known as the Mad Man’s Temple is found on the top of the valley. The silence of the monastery is really awe inspiring. While you are headed for this destination, you will have to go through hamlets. You will be fascinated by the warmth and the hospitality of the people staying here and their simple lifestyles. They are still akin to their age-old customs.

Visit the Buddhist monasteries

When you are undertaking the Bhutan cultural tours, the experiences in the Buddhist monasteries can make you feel the impact of Vajrayana Buddhism in the whole nation of Bhutan. During this tour, you would also visit the capital city of Thimpu. The people in the surrounding areas of Thimpu are seen to rear cattle and are engaged in farming activities. The common people are extremely friendly. It is really worth visiting a Bhutanese family and dine with them. You will be surprised to see the simplicity of these people.

Touring the eastern part of Bhutan

When you travel to this part of the country, you will be able to see the indigenous farming methods that are used here. The textile industry of this region is also fascinating. Khomo and Radhi villages on the eastern side of Bhutan are famous for the culture of weaving and the different types of spinning activities. To explore the culture of the region, you should spend at least a night in the villages in a tent or at a Kurtoefarmhouse.—2022