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Make You Stand Out Over the Crowd With Attractive and Glamorous Body Jewelry

Fascination for the variety of body jewelry has gripped the whole world. Believe it or not but this enthrallment for jewelry is not new rather it is a long time pursuit for people of all races. Body jewelry has been in use since ancient times, though its functions as a fashion utility has experienced massive change with the passage of time. In present times, it is not just a beauty accessory but a style statement that attract attention to one’s most beautiful body features. Fashionable body jewelry is available in a variety of categories, designs and shapes which includes circular barbells, flared plugs, labrets, fascinated bead rings, dermal anchors, silver hoops, nose screws, hollow plugs, bananas, eyebrow barbells, horseshoes etc.

Earlier, jewelry was synonymous with precious metals only like diamond, gold, platinum and silver. But today body jewelry is available in various affordable materials like glass, steel and plastic. Though metal and glass jewelry did not fade away the charm of precious metals like gold and platinum but these cheaper quality metal jewelry accessories are highly admired by the populace as these are affordable to everyone’s pocket. A fashionista’s wardrobe these days is full of trendy and hottest fashion jewelry pieces. Stylish and designer body jewelry is a must-have accessory that brings out the beauty of its wearer.

Body jewelry is somewhat different from traditional jewelry. The main difference between the two lies in that body jewelry items are not worn for their value but because they make an individual look and feel different. Besides making an individual look different and beautiful, these jewelry accessories give a unique appearance to the wearer. One can strikingly adorn oneself with beautiful body jewelry available today such as Monroes, curved barbell, eyebrow rings, navel rings, ear gauges, tapers, stretchers, tongue rings, nipple rings, twist, retainers etc.

In ancient times, the practice of body piercing marks the spiritual rites of passage and liberation. But today piercing is trending as a latest fashion statement and people wear them to adorn and enhance their appearance. Piercing techniques are generally the same all over the world and piercing conditions are strictly monitored owing to the health and safety reasons. A sterile hollow needle traverse the skin after which the jewelry gets into the hole. However, piercing gun method is also on the rage these days but the procedure is not considered as a safe and secure method as proper sterilization of piercing guns is almost impossible.