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Medical Supplies – New Technology Allows Customers to Buy From Manufacturers Directly

The invasion of digital technology in our lives has brought a paradigm shift in every walk of life. From home living to major industrial corporations, our lives today are dependent on technology as never before. With services like e-business, we don’t even go shopping the way we used to. How do you shop for medical supplies? Are you still using a local pharmacy, or if you are a business you are probably using a door to door sale person! Isn’t is strange that we no longer buy our vacuums or appliances from a sales person as we did in the 1950’s, but we still buy our medical supplies this way? What about a medical supply store that connects you directly to the manufacturers?

One might question the need of buying medical supplies through this facility rather than going to the nearest drug store and get the things that you require. The mere fact that this question is put forward indicates that most of the people are quite unaware of the fact that the money that they pay for acquiring their requisite supplies is not the same as the cost price of the manufacturer.

Once the products have been manufactured by the manufacturer they enter the supply chain. This is the phase which incurs up to 300% on the actual price of your product. This overhead includes the cost of transportation, distribution warehousing, salesman’s commission, logistics, assembly etc. Each stage of supply chain incurs higher costs.

Then again there remains the fundamental problem of finding a specific manufacturer in first place, when you are interested in a variety of diverse products and supplies.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply log in to an online portal which allows you to buy your merchandise and supplies from various vendors and manufacturers; simply place your order and wait for delivery?

The benefits of this approach are many. However the main two include lower cost price and direct access to a huge number of vendors and manufacturers. This business model would eliminate the need of delivery and distribution channels. Direct access to the manufacturers also implies that there is no need of local distribution office and the staff to maintain it or even the local sales distribution manager. This ensures that you save all the unnecessary cost that you would have to pay if you buy your requisite supplies from the local drug store.