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Moringa – The Miracle Plant

What is moringa?

Moringa is a lush tropical tree with a long and impressive list of uses, properties, and benefits. Imagine a single plant that cures malnutrition, contains over-the-top quantities of a host of vitamins and minerals, and produces a first class cosmetic oil, among so many more uses. That’s right, moringa does it all. This article will introduce you to a tree that has been aptly dubbed “The Miracle Tree”.

What is the tree like?

Moringa is native to a tropical climate and will survive almost anywhere, no matter how inhospitable the surroundings are. Even on the arid land of the edge of the Sahara that is practically desert, moringa trees bravely bear the brunt of the harsh conditions and go on steadily growing. The tree is very leafy and lush and produces clusters of fragrant white flowers that develop into long narrow seed pods. These pods are usually over a foot long and are lined with round, winged seeds. It is from these seeds that the invaluable moringa oil, which is prized for cosmetic and industrial applications, is obtained.

Amazing nutritional properties

Moringa is highly remarkable for its nutritional properties. As compared to a similar amount of the usual touted superfoods, this plant comes out the clear winner. When tested, the dried powdered leaves were found to contain seventeen times the calcium of milk, fifteen times the potassium in bananas, nine times the protein of yogurt, and a whopping twenty-five times the iron in spinach. Clearly, this plant is worthy of note as a nutritional supplement. Actually, because of amazingly dense and balanced content of vitamins, minerals and proteins, moringa has been widely used to combat malnutrition in Africa, and has been reported to have had unbelievably rapid success. In a dried and capsulated form, moringa could almost take the place of your daily multivitamin.