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My Radio Control Helicopter Experience

So how did it go for me?

Well I started with the ESky Comanche model, and I broke it in 5minutes. Just the blades, I do find them to be quite fragile. But this is not built for a completely new flyer! It’s fragile, but well within it’s capabilities if flown correctly, or not crashing helps alot.

It’s not one for outdoors unless it’s so still that not even a leaf is disturbed. Mine is now sitting in a tree in Buckinghamshire. Oh well. But I learnt my lesson, after my next helicopter I just knew the ESky would have been awesome.

So the next one was the Syma Chinook. Again, it doesn’t fly in a slight breeze. This is almost ideal for the beginner. This is one tough rc helicopter! The blades are really strong, and this thing won’t break even if it falls from 100feet. On grass atleast.

Just as I was getting the hang of it, it finally ended service. After a good 50 crashes it’s days were numbered. I would buy this again. It was just a good laugh.

But the real winner here is the E-flite blade MCx. This thing rocks. It’s only for indoors, but it’s almost indestructible, and has just as much control as the bigger helicopters, being 4ch, so that’s up/down, turning left/right, forward/backward, and hover left and right. It’s got just the right amount of speed for your living room. And it’s accurate. So tricky landings can be mastered.

Looks good in the dark too, with a cool red lit canopy. It’s the one that you’d want to give as it won’t break, and it’s so easy that my friend’s 2 and half year old managed to hover it! And then was astonished for the rest of the day. My aunts loved it too. It’s had a hundred crashes, I have had to change the landing skid. It’s a flexible body and chassis, that’s what makes it great at crashing.

The Syma Chinook however is solid. It’s hard plastic and loads of screws holding it together. Tough as old boots.

The Blade MCx is still in service, being enjoyed in the office every week. Very reliable. All of them have been. The wind took the Comanche away into the forest. I was not feeling to happy that day as the Chinook has ended life the week before.

So thanks to a friend for recommending the MCx, I now sell it, it’s that good. The ideal all in one beginner’s RC heli, and something that the experienced radio control flyer will enjoy to.