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Nag Tibba Trek In India

Nag Tibba Trek – A perfect Weekend Trek Away from the Din of the City

Nag Tibba trek is a very delightful hilly excursion, especially if you are there in the winters. During winter season, the mountains at the distance are snow capped and your path is also covered with the thin layer of snow. If you are lucky, you might be there on the day of the snow, which will be even more amazing. This is the reason why a lot of people go for the Nag Tibba Trek in December. The trek isn’t very popular. But, it is close to Mussoorie and takes only a day or two to complete. So, for the people who live in Delhi or any other place nearby and are looking for a lovely weekend trekking, this is a wonderful retreat.

The Nag Tibba weekend treks will take you to the highest peak in the lower Himalayan range. You will climb up the Nag Tibba peak which is 9, 915 ft above the sea level. Along the Nag Tibba trek, you will walk right through the dense, green forests; you can expect some encounter with the wild animals too. Some trekkers have reported sightings of leopard and bear. You will also see the mountains wearing the garb of the foliage on one side. But, you will be surprised to see the barren slopes on the other side. Besides all this, you will also experience the stunning spectacle of some of the famous peaks such as Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Bandarpoonch.

How to Reach There?

Getting there is pretty easy. First, you will need to arrive at Mussoorie. From there, you could hire a cab to the small village Pantwari from where your weekend trekking will begin. The fact that you could drive all the way to Nag Tibba range save you a lot of time and allows you to tread the weekend treks. It takes nearly 3 hours to reach Pantwari from Mussoorie.

Who would like to go for this trek?

If you are someone who hasn’t experienced Himalayan trekking much, and want to prepare yourself for more difficult treks in the future, Nag Tibba trek would be a great option for you. If you are prepping yourself up for the winter treks, then go for the Nag Tibba trek in December. Here, you experience both the gradual as well as the steep ascents. It is a long trek and you will cover more than 10kms each day. December is better as thick snow covers in January can make it almost impossible to identify the trekking trails.