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Nature Crushed to The Ground Will Rise Again – You Can Count on It!

Many people complain that there’s something wrong with this environment here on Earth, and it must be our fault. And maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but what I find most fascinating is many of the people who live in the big city don’t know a thing about nature or the environment, and many have lived with concrete under their feet for their entire lives. Many have never been out in the countryside were all you can see is the stars at night. There’s a lot more to nature than meets the eye because when you live in a city, sometimes you just don’t know what you are missing.

But even those cities one day will turn back to nature, because nature crushed the ground will always rise up again, and you can count on that. For instance, there are old Aztec ruins deep in the forest and there was no way to find them, and no one even knew they existed, except they could be seen by special satellites within the deep forest brush. Why you think that is? It’s simple because Nature will always take over, and Mother Nature will always win, you can never beat it.

I like to tell people that there’s nothing wrong with the Earth, it’s just the humans on top that run around in their sound and fury. After all, if everyone in your city left tomorrow, in 20, 30, or even 40 years nature would take over and most of those buildings would even be standing anymore, or the ones that were standing would become habitats for animals as the dust blew over. The Discovery Channel has an interesting series on this where they asked the question what would happen if all the humans left?

They explained that eventually the dams would break, the bridges would fall, and everything that we know in our great civilizations would cease to exist over period of time. And in 1000 years, everything would be buried, grown over, and you would’ve never known that humans had ever lived there before, unless you dug up some pipes, or sought a piece of shiny metal, perhaps from a home appliance, automobile, or old human artifact.

Yes, nature is resilient, much more resilient than humans are. We can crush nature, destroy the environment, and do whatever we want, but in the end it will still be here even when all humans have gone. I wouldn’t worry about it, but I would count on it. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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