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New Ways to Carry Dog Poop

Those responsible dog owners who care about our environment and the concern for all are always looking for new ways to carry canine waste. The old options have been tried… the pooper scooper and the swinging loaded waste bags. So consider a new way – a convenient, discreet and sanitary way to carry dog waste.

Yes, we still use the canine waste bags. We can use the purchased plastic, colorful canine poop bags or the purchased plastic sandwich type bags or the free plastic grocery bags. The choice of bags is all yours. But what you do with the loaded bag is what makes the real difference.

The old option was to hold the load in our hand, hoping we did not accidentally bump against anything. Or we could tie the load to our leash, again keeping the mess from swinging or smashing against us or any object.

The new way to carry canine waste is to place this load into something else that conceals and protects it. This new dog accessory could be called a dog poop bag holder, a dog poop bag carrier, a dog waste bag holder, a dog waste bag carrier or a poop pouch. Or simply a dog bag (but we know what it does).

This new accessory can also carry your empty bags as well as other needs: car keys, wallet, cell phone, flashlight or even a bottle of hand sanitizer. Some are big enough to hold more than one loaded bag.

A recent dog waste pickup near Denver exposed the huge number of irresponsible owners who do not pick up canine waste and exposed all to the environmental hazards of canine feces.

Dog owners were all treated to a free dog poop bag holder with the hopes that picking up waste would be accomplished once trying a more convenient, discreet and sanitary method. These owners were able to discover for themselves this new way to carry dog poop.–62e7898747570bb1c05eeebf–62e789ef119ab43ebf26c715–62e78bd19dead37ede8bc935–62e78c8443b78f38b4b4bfa5

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