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New Year, New You: Live Your Ideal 100 Year Lifestyle Now!

Another year has passed and a new year has begun, with high hopes, aspirations and goals for a more prosperous and healthier new year anticipated ahead. Shortly after the Time Square ball has dropped, the balloons have all popped and the hangovers have eased, New Year’s Resolutions once pronounced with gusto are often quickly forgotten and replaced by past habits and former routines. To fulfill your goals and dreams for the coming year you must first change your thinking. Changed thinking changes everything! Get a bigger vision, raising the value for every day ahead, as a precious gift and a limited number.

How are going to spend your finite, minimum potential years remaining? Are you going to settle for business as usual or are you going to proactively live your ideal 100 year lifestyle, reaching your goals with greater health and longevity? The fastest growing segments of the population in the world today are those that live to 100 years of life, the celebrated centenarian. The media often highlights extraordinary seniors skydiving, running marathons and weight lifting well into their 90’s and beyond. Unfortunately, the vast majority are ill prepared for the unexpected longevity that lies ahead. The greatest generation has become the nursing home generation, often spending their last remaining years in nursing homes rather than on cruise ships or golf courses.

If you now realize that you have the possibility of living longer than the generation that preceded you, make sure you live it with quality and not just quantity. Instead of worrying so much about insufficient health insurance, focus on promoting abundant ‘health assurance’ with a new motivation for a style of living that is proactive. Develop a plan that promotes the habits and changes needed to support a life of longevity and performance instead of chronicity and disease. The choices you make today will affect the quality and quantity of life tomorrow, choose wisely and live well.

Essential steps to initiate a healthier and more prosperous year ahead and beyond:

Fasting instead of Feasting! Recent research continues to confirm that one of the secrets to longevity is caloric restriction or as the late, great Jack LaLanne used to say, “You must control the Feed Limit!” If you always eat like a king you will always die like a king: obesity, heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc. Start incorporating Intermittent Fasting twice a week by simply skipping one meal and not eating for at least 12 hours. Once dinner is over, avoid eating until 10 or 11 am the next day with an exercise routine performed prior for best results

Re-sensitize your tongue! The holiday delicacies of pies and cakes, butter and steaks, ice cream, cookies, candy and everything dandy have taken a toll on your ‘craving’, taste buds. Your daily requirement of sugary treats to satisfy your dulled palate and widening waistline is the symptom of Leptin resistance. The hormone leptin, produced by your fat cells, signals the brain when full, which instructs your body to reduce hunger, increase fat burning and reduce fat storage. Unfortunately, too many sugary treats cause your body to become Leptin resistant and never reach satiety. Your so-called ‘sweet tooth’ is your body failing to respond to leptin or leptin resistance. In addition, eliminating all sugars and grains from your diet while adding natural, nutrient dense foods, will also heal your burned- out insulin receptors (insulin resistance) and change the forecast from obesity and diabetes to health and longevity.

Get your E.S.S. in shape: Endurance, Strength and Structure! For endurance, begin with 20 minutes per day of interval training on a treadmill, lifecycle, elliptical, or simply walking to maximize your cardiovascular system. Within your 20 minute endurance workout, burst your activity for 30 seconds every 2 minutes for superior fat burning results. For rapid strengthening, proper weight training builds muscle fast and helps burn fat at any age. Regular exercise increases feel good endorphins and neurotransmitters, further promoting your new healthy lifestyle with confidence that last.

The structure of your body determines the function of your body or how it works. Recent research shows the ill effects of ‘Tech Neck’ created by the constant forward head posture and reversed neck curve while looking down at our smart phones, tablets and computers. Upwards of 60 pounds of additional force is applied abnormally to our lower neck vertebrae and spinal disc in this faulty position, setting the stage for degenerative disc disease and rapid aging. Posture and spinal corrective chiropractic with specific rehab techniques, effectively addresses this common problem with results that last, reversing the aging process and adding years to your life and life to your years.