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Persevere, Don’t You Quit, Never Give Up!

How do you keep going when you want to give up?

As a free lance singer/songwriter, parent, and business owner, some days I have to just stop and start again. It’s as if the original desire to start something has gotten old and crusty and the skin needs to be shed. Just like a snake, I need a new skin.

Perseverance insists on moving forward. It is not static. I have found that when I’m resisting moving forward it shows up as, ‘I don’t wanna.’ When something feels like it’s ‘too hard’ and I want to quit that’s when I have to remember where I started.

If we knew what it would take to get to the end of great project, a difficult class, a new business or raising a child we probably wouldn’t even start. But it’s that desire, that passionate, almost fanatical craving to create, to start something, to learn something new, which gets us right into the middle of it.

I jump in with both feet and my whole heart. When the honeymoon of a new project turns into trudging through the daily work of it, that’s when I have to remember to persevere.

After I stop and remember my original desire and listen again to what my heart was yearning for, I’m ready for my new skin. I think back and remember the simple but amazing reasons that inspired me to write the 52 Virtue Songs for children.

  • I wanted to know the virtues intimately
  • I didn’t want to forget them in moments of crazy drama
  • I wanted to create songs that were simple, easy and fun to sing
  • I wanted parents and teachers to love the songs and sing them with their children
  • I wanted to bring out the very best in everybody

Then, with my new skin on, I’m ready carry on.

Here are the lyrics to the virtues song for kids on perseverance. I hope it lifts you up and reminds you of your heart’s desire. Keep on and remain calm. Persevere, don’t you quit, never give up!

Perseverance – “Keep On!”

Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on Steady on

Keep on, Keep on, Keep on Never give up!

Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on Steady on. Never – Give Up!

I think before I commit to someone or something

I set a goal and stick to it I’m not distracted by anything

Repeat Chorus:

I stand by my true friends through rough and through hard times

I see things through to the very end one step at a time

Repeat Chorus:

Rap: Even though the tortoise was slower than the hare, he won the race, he persevered

Persevere, don’t you quit, never give up!

When trouble or doubts come your way, stay on course, ride the waves

Persevere, don’t you quit, never give up!

From ‘Together We Can Do Great Things’ Character Building Music Kit