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Personal Care Is There for the Simple Tasks That Aren’t So Simple Anymore

Do you have an elderly relative that requires assistance just to take care of the simple tasks that are a part of daily life? Most people would put their relative into a nursing home or a senior community, but you understand that the best place for them to be is at home with you and your family. You have work and can’t be there all day to provide assistance with simple things like a shower. Personal care services provide non-medical assistance for all of life’s daily tasks. Plus, it provides regular companionship for your loved one while you are away at work. These services could be just what you need to ensure that your family member is as comfortable as possible while enjoying the comforts of home. Let’s explore more!

Choose The Amount of Availability You Will Need

Do you need someone at the ready 24/7, or do you just need someone to be there while you are away at work? Personal care professionals can be hired on a live-in basis, so that they can be there around the clock, and you can rest easy that you are not neglecting your loved one. This is great for people who work odd hours, or who travel frequently for their job. You no longer have to choose between sacrificing your career and life or providing assistance to an elderly relative, so that they can stay at home. Personal care offers you the best of both worlds.

Perhaps you only need help during the work day, this can also be arranged on an hourly basis. They offer a great amount of flexibility for you, should you need it. Let’s say that you have a business trip next week but you don’t want the live-in option for the long-term because you generally only need hourly help. You can get full live-in assistance for a short period while you are away on business or on vacation.

What They Can Do For You and Your Loved One

They will not be providing medical services. They will remind an individual to take their prescribed medications, but personal care is not medically related. It is about helping with the little things that give an individual a sense of independence. Examples of what these professionals help with are:

-Hygienic needs, showering, shaving, etc.
-Food, cooking, eating, and cleaning up
-Dietary monitoring
-Giving reminders to take prescribed medications
-Housekeeping duties associated with the patient
-Companionship during the days
-Social accompaniment and doctor’s visits
-Assistance with pets

Personal care professionals can do it all except perform actual medical tasks, but should it become necessary, they will get your loved one to the hospital. If you live with someone who requires help, but you just cannot provide for them the way you would like to, you should look into these services. They can provide you and your loved ones with a level of comfort that only comes when your mind is at ease.