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Pin Parvati Pass Trek – A Delightful Journey Through Himalayan Beauty

Himalayan ranges are the best destination for trekking as they are blessed with incredible views of natural scenic beauty. Situated at Himachal Pradesh, Pin Parvati pass offers picturesque views of the icy mountain ranges of western Himalaya.This trek is located at an altitude of 5319 meter above sea level; this high altitude trek is a thrilling challenge for any seasoned trekker. The best season for Pin Parvati pass trekking is in the summer i.e. July to September. During this period, Pin parvati temperature remains pleasant in the daytime. At night, the temperature may dip to zero. Pin Parvati trek is the ideal vacation plan for you if you want a get away from the scorching summer heat.

This trek is considered to be a very difficult trek as the valley is situated at a high elevation and is ice-covered for almost the entire year. Pin Parvati trek’s difficulty is high due to the uncertain rainfall as it makes the trekking area slippery and increases the risk factor. The 100 kms trek from Kullu to Manali needs good trekking capability and can be completed in a course of 11 days.

This adventurous trek offers the scenic beauty of nature through lush greenery, deep alpine forest, wild colourful flowers and attractive landscapes. While trekking to Khir Ganga, trekkers witness the stunning valleys of Himalayas, remote villages, and chilling waterfalls. Devotees of lord Shiva also take a deep bath in hot tank water in Khir Ganga. Words cannot explain the blissful experience of a hot water bath here after a long day of trekking.

The pass offers the striking view of soaring snowy peaks on one side and the Spiti valley on the other. You also get a chance to visit Pin Valley National Park and Great Himalayan national Park while trekking from Pin valley to Wichkurung Thatch. These National parks are renowned all over the world for snow leopards and Himalayan birds. You can also explore few ancient Buddhist monasteries along the way.–value-to-your-money—2022