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Reading Therapy (Bibliotherapy) for Anxiety

When one falls into the loop of anxiety, they often need something to interrupt this cycle of worry. The mind stubbornly goes inward, accompanied by negative, fearful thoughts. Changing behaviors works well with this type of habit but it’s been discovered that reading books is a simple and effective way to also interrupt this negative cycle of thinking.

Reading books gives the mind a chance to shift into an entirely different mode of behavior. It focuses on the story, rather than the self. This gives the mind a welcomed break from negative thought, which also affects the body. Fearful thinking releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, creating anxiety symptoms. By changing one’s focus, less fearful thought and less stress chemical release. The mind and body have a chance to settle down and recuperate.

Studies have shown that WW1 soldiers were given bibiliotherapy as a source of rehabilitation from emotional trauma during WW 1. Through the years many have used this method with positive results. Health care workers have witnessed a definite improvement in anxiety related conditions by those who followed a course of this reading therapy.

Books that tell stories are most helpful rather than medical books which only fuel the fear of unwanted symptoms. Therefore, novels are recommended, with tales that draw one in and keep the mind occupied in a way far from inward thinking.

The results of bibliotherapy are instantly noticeable and help fuel a rapid recovery:

-The mind and body experience a well-earned rest from worry and the intrusive cycle of anxious thought. It’s impossible to lose oneself in a story and worry simultaneously, and so reading immediately offers peace of mind.

– Blood Pressure is lowered because reading is similar to meditation. It calms and relaxes and even soothes a sensitized mind.

– Reading puts you on a mini vacation, away from the chaos that may surround you. All this can be achieved without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

– Reading allows you a break to quiet the mind and give it a chance to rewire. Problems are more easily solved with a rested mind.

– Reading, like meditation, grounds you and removes you from the hustle bustle of everyday life.

Using bibliotherapy is simple and very rewarding. It allows the mind and body to refresh and the rewards are unlimited. You’ll find yourself looking forward to that book waiting for you on your night table. The physical and emotional relief it brings can be dramatic and consistent. It’s something you can count on for maintaining a quiet and stress-free mind and body. This is your true source or relief from the stresses of everyday life, with a natural recovery method from the intrusive symptoms of anxiety.