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Regeneca Review – “Wow” Product and Unique Business Model: A Game Changer or a Bad Idea?

Well you might have known about Regeneca Global, which is another MLM organization for certain fairly special items. Well perhaps novel isn’t exactly the word I was looking for.

Obviously in the realm of MLM achievement, having a “Goodness” item can have a tremendous effect in your development bend yet I’m attempting to characterize this as a Wow item. Presently it disobediently has a Wow impact yet it’s presumably better named well?


Well at any rate, Regeneca is another organization in the Organization Showcasing industry that as per its site has some expertise in Wellbeing and health items.

Regeneca has evidently done some moving in their item plan of action since a large portion of the items they list on their site never again seem to exist any longer. They seem to have chosen to zero in on one item specifically called Regenerect, a Characteristic Male Erectile Energizer.


So how are they going to do item demos? Cautiously I would think. Well it will create for some fascinating open door gatherings when they request tributes wouldn’t you say? Sorry I was unable to control myself.

Regeneca pioneers Matt Nicosia and Adam Vincent Gilmer seem to have some strong business foundation, and I absolutely perceive Sherri Sharman who is in their group as having extensive organization showcasing experience.

Presently similarly as a side note here, in January of 2011 Regeneca Global converged with a stock trade recorded partnership called Ethos Ecological, Inc. and every one of the ongoing chiefs surrendered and Matt Nicosia and group assumed command.

It shows up from the data that Regeneca needed to be a public organization so they purchased a shell enterprise to achieve that.

This is a fascinating pattern I have seen with startup MLM organizations throughout recent years. It’s sort of supporting your wagers from a business point of view since you can develop your wholesaler base and furthermore get merchants to put resources into your organization simultaneously. So Regeneca is clearly considering every contingency.

So assuming Regeneca raises a ruckus around town from a business viewpoint the proprietors have a strong income business as well as a resource that can be veered off and sold.

Presently other than the item, Regeneca has an extremely fascinating plan of action which is attempting to join “direct reaction promoting” through infomercials with the universe of MLM.

The Regeneca plan of action is really splendid, it consolidates an infomercial showcasing way to deal with create client leads and utilize that to beat perhaps of the most serious issue in the realm of Organization Promoting, having a lot of merchants who have no clue about how to produce leads.