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Rhode Island Divorce Tips – Divorce Questionaires Aren’t to be Avoided!

I’ve seen it in larger law firms and practices and I’ve adopted it for my own divorce practice in Rhode Island. It’s a questionaire. There’s more too it than that obviously, but it’s one of the things I have found to be the most helpful for my clients and . . . in the long run. . . . for me as their divorce attorney.

Yet here is the problem. Some clients find questionaires to be mundane and boring and they don’t really see the value in filling them out completely or correctly. Some clients will just skip what they don’t know off the top of their heads and expect the lawyer to fill in the blanks later.

Folks, I can tell you that questionaires are the key to saving money and developing an effective way for attorneys to properly represent the client.

Imagine there is a lazy client who fills in a divorce questionaire poorly with lots of gaps and unanswered information. That means the attorney that lazy client hired has to take time to prod you and dig for information that is most likely easier and more cost effective for the lazy client to get.

Yet the lazy client who didn’t want to fill out the questionaire will probably breathe fire from his or her nostrils when they get the bill from the attorney for finishing the questionaire by digging for the information.

Whether you have a divorce in Rhode Island or in another state, it doesn’t matter. If you are provided with a questionaire by the attorney, fill it out completely and as legibly as possible. The attorney is providing you with a valuable tool to help the attorney and save you money. Use it wisely.