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Scholarship Opportunities For Single Mothers

Statistics show that nearly 38 percent of single mothers live at, or even below, the poverty level. And only five times less likely has a bachelor degree. But single-parenthood is probably one of the hardest responsibilities one could have. A single mother has to do all the errands all by herself, has to spend time with the kids to make sure all their needs are met, and has to double the work to earn more and make both ends met. Frankly speaking, going back to college is almost next to impossible when you’re a single mom.

Hard, yes, but if given a chance, a big part of the whole population of single moms would grab the opportunity of going back to college and pursue a degree. Maybe because they are all aware that through education, they can give their kids a better future. The government, and even private sectors, understand the dire needs of single moms for financial aid. That is the reason why many college scholarships and grants are created specifically to help single mothers go back to college and pursue a degree. Naming some are the following:

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. It aims to help eligible single parents who are residents of Arkansas get a college degree. Next is the Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program. Since 1978, the said scholarship has helped over 200 women attend college. Then there’s Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation For Low-Income Women And Children. It is established on the year 2003 to show Congresswoman Mink’s passionate commitment in supporting low income women, mothers especially, for a free educational access. Next is the R.O.S.E. Scholarship. It aims to help women who have broken the cycle of domestic violence by providing them financial assistance if they pursue a college degree in any colleges or universities in New England area. Lastly, we have W.I.S.P Change Your World Scholarship. It aims to help the sons and daughters of the graduates of Women’s Independence Scholarship Program go to college.