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Scottish Country Cottages – The Perfect Home Away From Home

For those tourists who enjoy beautiful countryside’s and down to earth people, Scotland is the ideal vacation destination. One of the most popular ways to visit Scotland is by indulging in its beautiful country cottages, which cater to families and honeymoon couples alike. With views of rolling hills and vibrant coastal plains, Scottish country cottages offer adventurers the perfect home base as they explore Scotland’s diversity and rich beauty.

Scottish cottages also play an important role with Scotland’s rich golf courses, which host visitors from around the world. Fortunately for golfers, various cottages link Scotland’s many courses, allowing the perfect home base for travelers who’s only intention is to relax on the green. Many country cottages are centrally located next to Scotland’s most famous courses such as the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, and the Old Course at St. Andrews. For the serious enthusiast, Scottish country cottages can be rented by the week, and prices are often competitive if not better than their hotel counterparts.

Many adventurers come to Scotland because it offers some of the best mountain climbing in the world. Many famous climbs are located in Great Glen, which is also the site of Loch Ness, and the Urquhart Castle. Coming home to a country cottage is a welcome respite after a hard day of adventuring. Even the most extreme mountain climbers have been known to make their camp a quaint cottage rather than a dirt bottomed tent. There are certainly hotels in the city, but cottages are far more popular as they offer all the same amenities with more room, beauty, privacy, and authentic Scottish character.

For those golfers and adventurers who have their families with them, Scottish cottages offer children all the entertainment they need to keep them occupied during their stay. For travelers that come from big cities, children can experience what it’s like to live in the country. Many Scottish country cottages are located near farms, and if you ask the locals kindly, your children may even be able to visit with the animals. The cottages often have large areas behind the house with lush green grass, and families who have stayed in them can tell you; there are enough stimuli to entertain your children for days on end!