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Should All World Leaders Speak in English?

Language enables people to communicate, learn and grow, which is the fundamental pillar of societal progress. In recent years, more and more people have started debating the question of whether all heads of state should speak English. Whether or not they should speak English depends on whether a common language is needed and whether English is becoming one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. Many experts believe that there should be a common language that can be used as a
method to converse with people from all countries. It can reduce misunderstandings and help build bridges between cultures.

English is the world’s leading language in fields such as entertainment, science, business and diplomacy. About 85% of all information worldwide is available in English. In addition, English is learned more than any other language as a second language. world language. In most jobs, speaking English can help you get promoted, open the door to more opportunities, and make more money. Governments around the world provide their citizens with resources to learn English.

This is not because English is a superior language, but because the language has spread around the world. For example, more people speak English in China than in the US. Many believe that the spread of the English language around the world is a result of the rise of the United States as a central superpower. International relations and business are fundamentally related to the United States. The United States is an English-speaking country, so other countries have recognized the value of speaking English when conversing with Americans.

The result has been an increase in the number of people learning the English language. According to a recent report by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, “Between 96 and 100 percent of people in China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam believe children should learn English.” Many see learning the English language as an essential tool for success. Chris Gibson, director of the British Council for South India, “aims for all South Indians to speak English by 2010, and he believes that English will be a codified
world language by that time.” In 2007, the International Herald Tribune noted that “English in some form is spoken by three times as many non-native speakers as native speakers.”

” In addition, the IHT wrote: “English is the first language of 400 million people and a fluent second language for another 300 to 500 million.